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Internet Addiction

Uploaded by hitum_wifey on Dec 03, 2003


The movie Existenz is set in the near future where virtual reality games are the main choice of entertainment for the population. These virtual reality games are able to emulate reality by interfacing the game user via bio-port installed in the back of their spine. A connection of players is totally submerged into a virtual world that is so real it cannot be distinguished from reality. A large population of people is addicted to these games to the point that the game designers are worshipped as gods and many people would rather be playing a game than living in the real world. In fact those that do not participate in these games are ridiculed for their non-conformance. However there exists a segment of society who recognizes the harmful impacts of this is wide spread game addiction. This movie raises some interesting questions about our relationship with computers and technology. We are submerged in the technology to the extent that we lose sight of ourselves (Jackson, 2002).

I know for myself that when I first got the Internet in my home, I was most definitely an addict. I was addicted to the chatrooms and Instant Messenger. It was facinating to me; meeting people from other parts of the world and learning what their city or country were like. There were the people that wanted me to meet them in person and offered to pay for the visit. Now being the person that I am who is a shy and timid person is frightened to death of meeting people that I talk to from Internet. I have seen too many people on the news being killed or children being molested from meeting people online.

I have made a few friends on the Internet and we have been friends for a while but we have never met each other. The good thing about my friendship with those few people is the fact that they are not pressuring me to meet them. Through frequent phone call conversations and Internet contact. I have learned a lot about my Internet friends, and we have in a sense become close friends. However none of us are in a rush to actually meet in person, because they understand how I feel about meeting people from Internet. They have also respected my wishes and chose to wait until I feel more comfortable. Even though we talk...

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Uploaded by:   hitum_wifey

Date:   12/03/2003

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   7 pages (1,664 words)

Views:   1728

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Internet Addiction

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