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Impacts of biophysical and ecologial factors (nature, spaitialpatterns, & future directions)

Uploaded by kevin_mif on Aug 22, 2004

Analyse the impact of biophysical and ecological factors upon the nature, spatial patterns and future directions of an economic activity that you have studied

Tourism is an activity where a person undertakes travel and being a house apart from their own for at least one night. It affects all ecospheres and the sustainability of the environment by its characteristics, why and where it’s located and its foreseeable trends.

The characteristics of tourism is its direct link to technology, and because of this it is 10% of the world’s GDP, as we continue to research the cost margin decreases and other areas of interest can be deemed able to visit, such as space technology. In the near future we will have the option to be able to visit the “nothingness” of space. Why would we want to visit that? There are several reasons why tourists travel. For space it might be the aesthetic view of the Earth from Space, it could also be that the tourist has always wanted to be an astronaut, but was not able to achieve it and now they can, and it could also be because he just has the money to do it! In other cases such as the Amazon rainforest, people may visit it for its diversity of animals and also because it’s an ecosystem at risk, this is called ecotourism. Ecotourism is not a sustainable form of tourism as the tourist themselves disrupt the habitat by;

• Making loud sounds and frighten animals that are close by
• Trample wildlife habitats
• Leave waste in the environment at risk
• Putting a burden on the government to provide more tourist facilities which is sometimes coming from the ecosystem at risk itself!

Tourist destinations usually have a cultural or aesthetic value that appeals to the tourist.

• Las Vegas has her casinos and Antarctica has its intense icecaps. But depending on where the destination is the temperature can also a relevant factor.

• For example Brasilia would experience a far more tropical weather than Antarctica or Sydney; therefore if a person who is seeking for a change of climate as well is a cultural or aesthetic value, they could choose Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for its Carnivale or England for the aesthetic value of Stonehenge.

• Another category can also be form where ‘sports crazed fans’ join there teams for a grand final situated in a domestic or international region. This...

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Uploaded by:   kevin_mif

Date:   08/22/2004

Category:   Geography

Length:   3 pages (775 words)

Views:   3293

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Impacts of biophysical and ecologial factors (nature, spaitialpatterns, & future directions)

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