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I took my mind awalking

Uploaded by Sxyclr on Jan 19, 2005

I took my mind awalking

I dream of a beach; it’s my beach. My beach is deserted, no one knows about it; it’s a secret. My beach is completely calm and silent apart from the gentle whispering wind. My beach is a place where I can relax on my sunlounger without being disturbed or distracted.
On my beach, the sun is always shining, always smiling. The sun makes the sea glisten and twinkle as if stars are caught in it, makes the white sands sparkle like diamonds, makes life seem happy.
Behind where I lie is a row of palm trees; tall and slender, leaves rustling slightly in the gentle breeze. The palm trees are my soldiers, my guardians, keeping me safe on my beach, secure from prying eyes; protected.
As I look up, through the palms, I can see the sky. It is cloudless, a pure blue, crystal clear. The blue of the sky is reflected in the ocean making the ocean a beautiful aqua colour. The ocean is clear and perfectly still, I can see the coral reef beneath the glass surface of water.
I slowly rise from my sunlounger and reach out for my snorkelling mask and flippers. As I glide towards the sea the smell of salt water assails my nostrils and reminds me of when I was younger, building sandcastles.
When I reach the water’s edge I find my mask and flippers already on, convenient. Tentatively I walk into the sea, I can feel the water gently tapping at my ankles, it is pleasantly cool. As my confidence grows I wade deeper into the clear, blue liquid, until it is past my navel. Then I go under.
A little blue fish swims past me making the water ripple; I watch it for a while as it heads toward the reef. I feel a great sense of joy as I see it meet up with a shoal of at least a hundred more little blue fish. I swim towards the reef and soon way out of my depth but I am not scared, this is my beach nothing bad can happen. I watch as clown fish, rainbow fish, lionfish, archerfish and tiny minnows swim in and out of the coral, all of them vibrant oranges, yellows, purples, reds, and pinks. Splashes of colour against the blue background of the ocean but camouflaged perfectly against the coral. The coral itself is the most...

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Uploaded by:   Sxyclr

Date:   01/19/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   4 pages (816 words)

Views:   1986

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I took my mind awalking

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