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I Don't Want to Sound Like No Late - Night Commercial (12/ 9/ 05)

Uploaded by madrugada on Dec 10, 2005

12/ 9/ 05 - I hope readers are entertained by this project. Still, ...
although it may be hard to take the authors (including the speaker) seriously (as the authors knew would happen), I (* I cannot speak for all the author(s)) ask the reader to extract “something”, something beyond a disinterested countenance or an amused smirk. The project was not a total joke (the first chapter was not at all a joke). It involved actual concern, actual thought. The matter of the project (whatever it may be) has consumed and continues to consume the thoughts of many in moments of uncertainty confronting the "world around us".

The first chapter was written preceding the initiation of the project. It was an entry in my web - log , dating back to 2004 (ow! my head).

The second chapter comes from another author and was written within a short time frame (*I have just decided to cut it out due to the fact that I have not asked for the other author’s approval).

I wrote the third chapter shortly after the project was initiated..

Chapters 4 through 7 were all titles of chapters unwritten. In reality, at this point, there was no intention to write them but I put them in as a joke in an email.

Chapter 8 was something I considered today. I wanted to write something on making the revolution addictive. This was an entertaining thought, but even though I have had firsthand experience with addiction, I do not know how much I could write on it (or the “science” of it)(especially having a knowledge of addiction basically limited to high school classes). I also wanted to write about contrast and hypocrisy. In the chapter, I would start off with “the revolution WILL” be televised (rather than, of course, it not being televised). I would speak about something on creating confusion, such that revolution was all that people could hang onto but they would not have the ability to analyze it (and thus they would be incapable of rejecting it). As plausible as these ideas may seem (to some readers), I would just be throwing the bull (or chucking the bull?). I forgot to mention that the title of chapter 8 expressed contradiction as it spoke of an “intangible... substance”. Oh (note that this introduction is all...

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Uploaded by:   madrugada

Date:   12/10/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   19 pages (4,184 words)

Views:   1434

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