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Uploaded by ncrock64 on Oct 24, 2001

An example of a gas would be hydrogen. A chemical property is how a substance changes its identity. An example of this would be being able to support flammability. A physical property distinguises one type of matter from another and can be observed without changing its identity. An example of this is something’s boiling point because when you change a liquid to a gas it does not change its identity only its form. A chemical change is when something changes identity and example of this would be burning something because you are changing the substances identity. An example of a physical change would be chopping wood because it is still wood just in pieces. An exothermic reaction is when something lets off heat to make a change. An example of an exothermic reaction is turning water to ice because the water needs to cool down and let off energy to exist as a solid and that is why ice cubes are cold. An endothermic reaction is when a substance needs to gain heat and takes it in. An example of this would be water turning into gas because gas needs a lot of energy and that is why when you apply heat to water it turns into a gas.

To determine the properties of the gas, hydrogen, by generating the gas though a chemical change and identifying the gas by performing a simple test.

For my hypothesis, I think that the burning splint will react by making the flame get slightly bigger. I think that hydrogen is less dense than air is.


  • vinegar
  • Mg. Ribbon
  • goggles
  • test tube
  • wooden splint.
  • lighter

    First thing, we had to obtain the vinegar and make cualitative observations about it and do the same with the Mg ribbon. Then we had to roll the Mg ribbon into a ball and it to the vinegar. After adding the Mg ribbon, we had to quickly put our thumb over the vial and make observations of what was happing during the reaction. After waiting four minuets. After that, we had to light a wooden splint on fire. I took my thumb off the test tube and applied the burning splint. Then observed about the reaction.

    For my hypothesis, I was partly correct about what would happen when the burning splint was applied to the vial because the flame did grow larger but it also made a noise as well. I was correct about saying that it...

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    Uploaded by:   ncrock64

    Date:   10/24/2001

    Category:   Chemistry

    Length:   3 pages (667 words)

    Views:   2739

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