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Honesty is Fading (parts 1,2,3) (4/22/05)

Uploaded by madrugada on Nov 26, 2005

honesty is fading...diminishes in waving ribbons, the brightest of pinks, the darkest of blacks, something better and redder than blood...the past always requires justification, I play out the next two steps forward and excuses prepare red-handed white chalk outlines, prod the clouds with caveman-esque pitchforks, a smile of sins, mountain-volcanoes, something beautiful, music to calm the chaos...

this is another entry of deep emotion....trivialized by the commonness of such desire in young teenage bodies
what I can remember, and what I cannot leave behind
honesty is fading...once again has appeared in the sun’s shadows, I cannot talk, my words speak nothing no more and forever, a clever know-it-all thinks he is either ugly or misunderstood, but a whirlwind leaves nothing decipherable, a point in which there is no order, objects (slightly misconstrued) not perfectly aligned, there was a napkin on the rug and an ugly pink book hanging quietly and ungracefully over a conformity 90 degree angle, inner instincts, bred by mother and father, computer and television, peers and strangers, old caveman, pitchfork-bearers, weepers, winged men, and dreamers,... I am staring out windows, I notice myself ignoring the sun, letting it ride peripherally abound bumps and curves and words I rudely discard for inner thoughts, staring out windows, looking for familiar faces, seeking beauty in my head, loner, alone but not isolated, they see the vision they want to see, is that the vision I want them to see, why do they bother looking, they are happy if I am happy but they do not know me and they invade and invade and enter despite my opposition and I am seeking but I do not seek assistance, I do not need assistance, not here, not know, not under these circumstances, I am searching for love and a smiling face, happy beauty before summertime, sex and passion, and smiling before summertime, and the living is easy.....aid is for work, love is play, I am working on finding love and love escapes me once again today, maybe the shapes are not made for the clay,.....maybe that tomorrow will come after a thousand more todays,....chemicals and hormones and thoughts and impulses and burns and beauty and smiles and laughs and voices and burn and burn and mucus and coughing and sweat and tears and beauty and her and her and her........walking, trudging when my feet and legs are...

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Uploaded by:   madrugada

Date:   11/26/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   7 pages (1,483 words)

Views:   1897

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