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Uploaded by getogurl88 on Mar 05, 2007

Brian and his hatchet are always together. In the beginning Brian didn’t realize how much his hatchet could help him. Towards the end he realizes that his hatchet meant everything to him. Every time Brian is somewhere that’s where his hatchet would be. When Brian got out of the plane, he was worried didn’t know where he was, he didn’t have a place to live, and he didn’t have any food. Having his hatchet by his side helped him by, finding food, making shelter, and making some weapons.
The hatchet helped Brian with chopping some fishes and birds that Brian had killed. When Brian wanted to eat a fish, he used his hatchet to chop the fish up; Brian was worried at first that he would starve. The hatchet also helped Brian in some ways by killing the birds, which Brian called them “fool birds”. Brian ripping off the bird’s feathers, and chopping the birds into pieces, at fist Brian couldn’t kill the fool birds, but he kept on trying. That’s how Brian kept on getting food.
Brian used the hatchet to make shelter. At first Brian didn’t know how to make his shelter, but he thought about how to make a shelter. When Brian was building his shelter, he used wood and carved the wood with his hatchet. The shelter wasn’t so pretty; the shelter was good enough for Brian to stay in. When Brian was in his shelter one day, all of the sudden he hears a “BOOM”. When the tornado came it ruined everything. Brian’s shelter was all over the place, and that’s when Brian made another one. The new shelter that Brian made was heavier, so the shelter wouldn’t fall. Brian would always call his shelter he made on his own, his home.
When Brian needed to get a fish, Brian needed something to catch the fish with. That’s when Brian thought that if he didn’t have a fishing pole, he could make one. Brian made a fishing pole by cutting out wood with his hatchet and carving wood to make it sharp. Brian worked really hard on the fishing pole, but it worked. That’s how Brian got a lot of fishes to eat. When Brian wanted those fool birds, he couldn’t just stab them with the hatchet; they would run away. Brian made an arrow that was sharp on the end to stab the birds....

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Uploaded by:   getogurl88

Date:   03/05/2007

Category:   Book Reviews

Length:   2 pages (503 words)

Views:   4237

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