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Has college made you a better person?

Uploaded by bezabee98 on Mar 07, 2005

College really made my life better more than I never though it would .Now looking back I can see why college is the best place to make people’s life enhanced. The education that I got out my college classes made me a logical thinker. By reading the book and paying a close attention to college instructors my life become better in a priceless way. I came not to stereotype people other than to know them individually.
I started to become a logical thinker. Since I started going to school I came not to think how my way of thinking always is not right. I came to see people’s idea despite it is right or wrong I rather tried to broaden my prespective from it. College made me decide to includes peoples perspective in my life. By doing this my life become different. I no more tried to tell myself how I was the only person who has the right perspective when it come to different matters like which culture is right and which is wrong or which religon is better. College helped me just to understand different perspective about peoples culture, religion an matters of that kind. But finally I knew I had the freedom either to agree with the idea or to disagree with it as long as I keep it to myself.
Furthermore, reading books and paying a close attention to my instructors taught me in college made me become a much improved person. When I read books about people’s culture, religion, good and bad situations that they went through I came to compare my life with them and this made me become a developed person. When I begun spending a lot amount of time by reading books I came to gain knowledge that I otherwise would gotten if I did not open books and read it. Reading books became the best way to change how I was living my life and still will live in my future. Also, my instructors are the most important part that transform being to turn out to be better. Every time when I am focused and listen to every word they taught me at college it was one of the important parts that made me a better person. The lecture I listened about how culture has a big impact to influence a person‘s life,...

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Uploaded by:   bezabee98

Date:   03/07/2005

Category:   Admission Essay Writing Course

Length:   3 pages (567 words)

Views:   3639

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Has college made you a better person?

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