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Uploaded by Goose on Mar 16, 2005

Unlike most of the characters in this play, Hamlet displays unique ways of thinking, as well as a strange mentality towards loved ones. His reactions towards his mother, Claudius, and Ophelia are expressed with deep emotion, however, Hamlet chooses to release his emotions with immaturity and lack of self-control. Although his decisions are child-like, perhaps his most tragic flaw is the way he consistently argues with himself over how to accomplish the murder of Claudius. Throughout most of the play, Hamlet struggles to achieve his goal of killing Claudius, and “avenging his fathers death.” Although his intensions are clear, he constantly delays when the opportunities arise, ultimately driving himself into insanity. Why does he continue to wait, whereas Laertes and Fortinbras show no hesitation in avenging their father’s death? Hamlet is not a killer. He is what you would consider a “gentle soul,” who is having mixed emotions over the trauma that he has endured as a result of his fathers death. Ophelia adds to these mixed emotions, mainly because she is the love of his life, however she will not accept his offer. His mother, who he feels has turned on him, is another factor that influences his behavior and mentality. As he continues to lose grip on reality, he condemns all women after his mother’s decision to marry Claudius: “Frailty, thy name is women.”(1.2.146) As these factors become more influential on Hamlet, he drifts further into insanity and his thoughts to kill Claudius become more realistic and achievable. When Hamlet is visited at the beginning of the play by “Old Hamlet,” he is informed on how his father died, although he does not entirely believe everything the ghost said. As the play continues, his emotional stress increases and there is a significant change in his behavior. As he becomes more deranged, his intentions for murder grow stronger: “Contagion to this world: now could I drink hot blood, and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on.”(3.2.381-383) Eventually Hamlet becomes so insane that even after killing Polonius in an act of rage, he feels no remorse over the loss of human life. Hamlet is actually able to make fun of the situation, by responding to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about the location of Polonius’ body: “The body is with the king, but the king is not with the body. The king is a thing.” As the...

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Uploaded by:   Goose

Date:   03/16/2005

Category:   Hamlet

Length:   3 pages (746 words)

Views:   1439

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