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Uploaded by joff on Feb 13, 2007

A sound sleep is required for a sound mind and healthy body. Inability to sleep (Insomnia) is a common malady of our age. Everyone experiences insomnia at times during his life. It is a product of daily tensions and anxieties. Patients suffering from mental disorders sleep very little and often wake up too early in the morning. Some chronic diseases can also produce insomnia.

A baby sleeps for about sixteen hours; an adult man sleeps for an average of eight hours, while a woman for about seven and a half hours. There are some variations. Some people get by very effectively for six hours; others need as much as nine or ten. As people grow older, they usually need less sleep.


The twenty four hour cycle of sleep and waking is known as Circadian Rhythm. It is a kind of physiological clock, regulated by pineal gland at the top of the brain stem. Once set, it keeps good time. People feel disturbed by “Jet Lag”, because then physiological clock is out of phase with the time zone. It takes about one week to reset itself.


1) Mental relaxation is essential for sound sleep. Don’t think over your life problems when going to sleep. This builds up tension and leads to insomnia. Nothing will make a person relax more liker simple faith in the fact that God is caring for everything. He is the author of true peace in the heart.

2) I f you simply can’t sleep on a given night, get up and do something else. Do something which you like most, work on your hobby or read anything that tends to relax the body, tends to induce sleep. Any thing that is done regularly by a person as part of the process of getting to sleep helps that person get to sleep.

3) My vote is strictly against the sleeping pills. There are innumerable side effects of all drugs used for the treatment of insomnias. One should always avoid these drugs.

4) Coffee as strong tea work as “stay away” agents because they act as central nervous system stimulant. Don’t take coffee or tea when going to sleep. It is better to have a glass of milk.

5) A comfortable and easy bed is the first requirement for a peaceful sleep. Moreover to ensure good...

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Uploaded by:   joff

Date:   02/13/2007

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   3 pages (637 words)

Views:   2497

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