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Guild Wars 2 were several different shows

Uploaded by 2guildwars2 on Jul 24, 2012

Declared dead forever, demonized by the media, by disparaging the others eyed ...

Yes, we know Guild Wars 2 ... and yet there are still millions of people play. But why is that? How can it be that so many people are still interested for a game, return to the Totgenervt and everything will be adjusted for casuals, in which there is no new content, no innovations, and the daily number of people back because they were such a thing no longer want to do?

I still remember what a good friend said about 4 months to me: "In three months, Guild Wars 2 is dead anyway!" ...

Well, we all see that it is not the case. His opinion, he established with the release of Diablo 3, which have seen a lot of probably the "Promised Land" in which they can take refuge at last to escape from Azeroth. I longed for the beginning it seemed that way and I'll admit that I also Diablo 3, as a way to bridge the summer doldrums. Even now I still make the game great fun and I have to force myself literally to login once a week to raid in Guild Wars 2. On the other hand, yesterday I had to find that many of the people who have added me to the community raids, now almost all play Guild Wars 2 again. It was a strange sight to scroll through my friend list and not, as it was a few weeks, only a few cases as Guild Wars 2 players are usually only those that were in Diablo one, but only one (of 30 who were on straight), the Diablo played.

Declared dead live longer and at least it is true that on Guild Wars 2! But what was this game that makes permanently to such harsh criticism, which is twice a year end forecast, as opposed to for example, play as SW: ToR and Aion, which are only held high and expected, and then left out ? What makes this game so special that it successfully for over half a decade and inspired millions of players. What is it that people in this game so captivating, that even if they have stopped, sometimes even every opportunity to vent about this game (in the positive and negative) is?

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Uploaded by:   2guildwars2

Date:   07/24/2012

Category:   Poems

Length:   2 pages (384 words)

Views:   2072

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Guild Wars 2 were several different shows

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