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Grapes of Wrath Character Journal

Uploaded by Admin on Oct 10, 2000

Ruthie & her Cracker Jacks:
"So they got mad. An' one kid grabbed her Cracker Jack box.... So Ruthie got mad an' chase 'em, an' she fit one, an' then she fit another, an' then one big girl up an' licked her... So then Ruthie cried, an' she said she'd git her big brother, an' he'd kill that big girl..... An' then- an' the, Ruthie said our brother already kil't two fellas...."(455)

Today at camp Pa bought Winfiel' an' me a lil' box of Cracker Jack. Then when I was eating some kids they see and want some. But I didn't give 'em none, I worked good for them lil' box. But then them mean kids come and stoled my Cracker Jack from my hands. So then I chased 'em and hit them. Then this big girl, this stupid big girl, she hit me hard, an' I telled her, my brother, he killed two men, and he'd kill her if she didn't gimme my Cracker Jack. An' then she laughed at me an' calls me a liar. If only Tom were here then I'd show her! I wist' there weren't no kids, jus' me and Winfiel'... I tell ya, them kids at camp ain't no good, they stoled my Cracker Jack. I worked all day pickin' cotton to get that box, it ain't fair! One day, I will get that stupid girl....

Lil' Ruthie got in a fight with some kids today. She tol' em 'bout Tom an' how he kil't two men an' how he's a-hidin'. It fri'ened me, and I had to go warn Tom. I tol' him to go far away, so no one would catch 'im. But that Ruthie, it ain't her fault', she just wanted her box o' Cracker Jack. No use for me hittin' her-she didn't know what she was a-doin. I can't let anger tear apart this famby now, I must keep lovin'. Oh, how I miss dear Tom, how we need him now...

Ma came to see me an' brought some good cookin'. We sat in my dark cave an' talked. Then she tol't me about Ruthie an' her fight with the other kids. Ma said Ruthie tol' one girl she ha't a brother that would kil' her 'cause he'd already kil't two men. I don't think that girl believed Ruthie, them kids is always jokin'. But Ma seemed awful worried, an' she tol't...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   10/10/2000

Category:   Grapes of Wrath

Length:   3 pages (611 words)

Views:   2294

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Grapes of Wrath Character Journal

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