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God- freedom and slavery

Uploaded by mr_vidal on Jul 02, 2004

God, Lord, The Almighty- Powerful to do everything. Some kind of image, which gave us in the Thora (The first 5 books of the Old Testament) the 613 laws (according to the Jews myth).
A lot of people in the time of the 2nd Temple and the Christians later told that we have the option to choose- we, human. Can decide what we will do in this life- follow the ways of God- or sin? We have freedom. And here is the question of this essay:
Although secularism exists, many people keep and follow the way of god. Many of this people do not want to do it- buy they think they have to. Another group says that they’re afraid of god. And of course there’re the people who want to it and believe it’s good- but I won’t discuss them- the good people has to be left alone to make a good world. Lets go back to the question- if god gave us freedom why a person has to be afraid? And if they don’t want to keep the laws-why they keep them. Here is an interview we’ll discuses after. (I prefer to give no names)
Interview 1:
A (Interviewer): Hello B. I want to ask you some questions about you, religion and god.
B: you’re welcome.
A: Do you believe in god’s existents?
B: I don’t know if he exists- maybe yes and maybe not- but I don’t take any risks.
A: What do you mean by saying: “take any risks”?
B: Well, although I don’t know about his existents I keep his laws.
A: Where is the risk?
B: If I won’t keep his laws- and he exists he’ll punish me.
A: You mean you’re afraid?
B: yes.
(The English Library of Israel, God and religion, Journey to find God- Aaron Rozenblum).
In this interview Aaron talked to a man with a big debt: the existents of God. A doesn’t know for sure if god exists. But he prefers to keep the laws of god for...

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Uploaded by:   mr_vidal

Date:   07/02/2004

Category:   Religion

Length:   3 pages (571 words)

Views:   2244

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God- freedom and slavery

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