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Globalisation Must be Stopped

Uploaded by mary_jane on Oct 28, 2001

As we progress into the future, the reality of globalisation comes nearer especially in the aspect of economics. It is said to benefit everyone including the wealthy but, is that necessarily true? If economic globalisation occurs then cultural, political and technological globalisation will follow. What religion would we all have to be in? What political system do we have to be under? What about those people who are uneducated or not very educated, with little knowledge of technology? If everything were to become globalised there would be no individualism, no identity and no nationalism. There would be no you! Globalisation must be stopped.

I am sure that you know that globalisation can be defined in many terms. Many see it as a primarily economic aspect, “as the growing of national economies to form a single economy”. (Economics for the Real World: 2, Cronk, T. Kirkwood, L. Searle, I. Swiericzuk. page 406) However, it can also be pointed out to be a rapid increase in cross-border social, cultural and technological exchange. Globalisation also has been defined by critics of globalisation, present it as a worldwide drive toward a globalised economic system dominated by supranational corporate trade and barking institutions that are not accountable to democratic processes or nation governments. Globalisation is an undeniably capitalist process. Basically globalisation is the rapid increase in cross-border economic, social, technological exchange under condition of capitalism. (

The “G8” organisation must be stopped! G8 is an organisation involving the eight of the worlds most flourishing economic countries. These include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, United States and the European Union. These countries are trying to create economic globalisation. This is typical of the most powerful countries to do so, what about countries like Australia?

What does globalisation mean to Australia? Australian corporations participate in the oppression of workers and peasants in poor countries in Asia. Australian mining and forestry companies are involved in extracting wealth from countries such as Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya and Indonesia, sometimes relying on military support to suppress local opposition. The Australian support for trade liberalisation, particularly in agriculture, has been used to open up markets in poor countries where Australia’s commodity exports put local subsistence farmers out of work. Australia has opened its own markets to goods made in countries that allow child labour, or forbid the formation of free trade unions. The Australian government has opposed efforts...

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Uploaded by:   mary_jane

Date:   10/28/2001

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   6 pages (1,241 words)

Views:   2392

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Globalisation Must be Stopped

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