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Genetic Engineering

Uploaded by alischo on Sep 07, 2001

The selective Engineering of Genetics is invaluable to the health and happiness of humans. The importance of this issue has played second fiddle to the arguments, for and against genetic engineering. This essay will discuss the impact of genetic engineering on everyday life, for example genetic disorders, disease and how its impact on life in the world today. Although the opinions differ greatly, the benefits are substantial.

Firstly, an increasing importance is being placed on the role of genetic engineering in the use of riding the incidence of genetic disorders. ‘There are over 6,000 known disorders which are due to a change (mutation) in a single gene.’ (Healey, 1994: p. 11) These disorders cause havoc in growth, development and general health. (Healey, 1994: p. 11)

Despite the acceptance of disabilities in the 21st century, the manner in which society portrays disabled persons as something ‘out of the norm’ is still prevalent. One person who was interviewed stated: “ My condition changes my insurance and superannuation status, and that of my children…”(Healey, 1994: p. 14) Hopefully the eradication of genetic disorders will become more than merely a dream. With the utilization of manipulating human cells, genetic disorders such as ‘Down Syndrome’ and ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ can be identified to the specific abnormality (Hawley, 1998). Granting the employment of Genetic Engineering will enable scientists to produce embryo’s that would typically bare these disorders to become infrequent, thus reducing the amount of “birth defects in the community”, allowing at risk patients to avoid these, at time discriminatory and painful afflictions (Hepburn, 1992: p. 83). The prospect of genetic engineering does not simply benefit human genetic disorders, but creates a positive outlook towards many different conditions. (Healey, 1994: p. 14)

Surprisingly, a variety of diseases are determined by genetic factors. Human’s have a predicted 100,000 genes, approximately five to seven of which do not function as they are accustomed to (Human Genetic Disorders, 2001). These inadequate genes manifest diseases, which are debilitating and terminal.

In the case of cancer, the extent of people being affected by this disease is increasing dramatically, rising 65% from 1983 to 1991 (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2001). The administering of genetic engineering will see the rate of prevention of cancer increase. In addition cancer is the product of mutated human cells, (genes of which are part of these cells) the genetic makeup of any particular person can generate cancerous cells...

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Uploaded by:   alischo

Date:   09/07/2001

Category:   Science And Technology

Length:   5 pages (1,170 words)

Views:   1711

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