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Gender Roles in Culture

Uploaded by hoangyen19 on Jul 24, 2004

Gender Differences in Culture

Studying the similarities and differences between the sexes, has had a rather
colorful story. In the old days, the males’’ desire for domination led to some bizarre“
scientific” attempts to show that the male is smarter than the female. One of the claims by
males 100 years ago concerned brain size. Since women have smaller heads that men, their brains must be smaller, so the male scientists said that females were not as bright. The point is that male/female relationships have been dominated even in science rather than by research. There are a lot of differences between a male and female, which prove that no man or woman is the same.
Males are bulkier and stronger as a group compared to females, but females have
fewer genetics defects, live longer, and have greater physical endurance. The female bears the offspring and provides nourishment for the infant, which creates a very strong bond between the two. We usually see aggression as primarily a masculine characteristic, and males do indeed show more aggression those females. According to the movie “Men,
Women and the Sex Difference”, states that boys tend to play ruff games while girls play
with dolls. Girls care more about feelings and they play with each other. John Stossel was
trying to prove that men and women are not the same. He came up with a lot of differences, that makes us girls differ from guys. Girls study faces while men are obsessed with sports.
Girls are more sensitive and guys don’t show their feelings. Women have a better
memory for detail. Men and women use different parts of the brain to think about the
something. Studies have proven that guys tend to have better math skills than girls. Men
have better visual skills; they know how to play with 3-D games. The Brain Sex 2 movie
showed that boys tend to build a 3-D object faster than a girl. A girl tends to take a while
but still gets the same figure. It also showed that girls tend to play with make up while
boys play with balls, sticks, trucks etc. The book states that there have been many studies
and boys are born aggressive while girls are not. Sexist parenting makes the boys more
ruff according to John Stossel. He...

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Uploaded by:   hoangyen19

Date:   07/24/2004

Category:   Admissions Essays

Length:   3 pages (692 words)

Views:   2132

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