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GW 2 pretty amusing occupation for someone

Uploaded by 2guildwars2 on Oct 07, 2012

So start with the fact that Kraft in GW 2 pretty amusing occupation for someone boring for someone fun. The difference from GW 2 here Kraft presented a separate class, and here lies the first snag: just pump the craft you will not succeed.
So if you want to be ready to pump crafter ugrohat much time and effort, I would say that money, but it will only apply to those who either do not have gatherer profession, or has no drugs, whose members will be able to help with materials.
The first thing you need to think of breaking the leveling crafting this shard. If you have a few of them then it is advisable to farm them, but if there is no problem with the money you can buy them. Shards you need count, although you will need to focus primarily on those shards that are the backbone of your craft. shards on Kraft is roughly as follows:

Weaver: Lightning shards Wind Shards
Leatherworking: Earth shards Wind Shards
Carpenter: Wind Shards Ice Shards
Smithing: Fire Shards Earth Shards
Gold smithing: Fire Shards Wind Shards
Armorer: Earth shards Ice Shards
Alchemy: Ice Shards Lightning Shards Fire Shards
Cooking: Fire Shards Wind Shards
The above table lists the most frequently used by Kraft shards at the time of patch 1.19a. You will want to pick up shards crystals for those recipes that are going to rock.
Shards extracted three main ways: mobs, gathering, crafting, also small amounts of crystals you will fall for the various. But make no mistake here was not always drop those crystals are most needed. Also some crystals can be a quest in the guild crafters to which you belong.
About pharming them with mobs usually you type enough crystals while leveling what some Batlle class. In the game, each mob has a great chance to start dropping shards, in a number drops such as Lightning Shards. But still collect shards so pretty long. The second way to collect shards is pumping gatherers, the situation here is much better because with every production you have a chance to get the shard. Typically shards to drop here pretty frequent visitors, even though this method is relatively slow. And here comes into play the alchemist, he can shards of their low fish and crystals. The truth in this case you will need more and catch some fish.

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Uploaded by:   2guildwars2

Date:   10/07/2012

Category:   Poems

Length:   2 pages (386 words)

Views:   2432

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GW 2 pretty amusing occupation for someone

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