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Fulfiling Dr. Kings Dream

Uploaded by Admin on Dec 05, 2000

Dr. King is a man that preached non-violence amongst all people, a man that stood up for what he believed was right and just. This is a man that we should all respect and strive to live up to his teachings. My essay is about one event in my life that I think was something that Dr. King would be proud to see.

It was a warm summer day when a couple of friends and I were at a park with the Parks and Recreation group. I don’t remember what park it was exactly; but it was one that we had been to earlier that summer. The last time we were there, the group that I hung out with had met some kids that lived next to the park. These kids, for some reason or another, started to not like us. So in turn, we did the same to them.

So that day, the second time at that park, we decided to go sit on this picnic bench that was close to the house of the kids that didn’t like us. The kids form the other side of the fence noticed us and we noticed them. Words started to exchange, and some where along the line a threat was made. So my friends and I took them up on the threat. This is when I realized that my group of older friends were planing on a fight. I made an effort at trying to stop it; but my friends were bigger than me and were intent on doing nothing but fight. So I decided that the best thing I could do was walk away. And I did just that.

As I was walking away my mother noticed me walking away. Curious to why I was leaving my friends she looked at them. Then she too knew what was happening. She and another counselor ran to stop the brawl before it got started. She and the other counselor succeeded in stopping the fight.

So the way that I look at it, is if I hadn’t walked away my mother wouldn’t have noticed and the violent act would have occurred. And that is what I think Dr. King and his teaching were hoping to accomplish to some degree.

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   12/05/2000

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   2 pages (375 words)

Views:   1386

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Fulfiling Dr. Kings Dream

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