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From pessimist in the US to optimist in the Philippines (Why I like Filipinas the best)

Uploaded by WWu777 on Aug 01, 2007

UPDATE, March 2007: From pessimist in the US to optimist in the Philippines (Why I like Filipinas the best)

There is good news now. As I'm writing this from the Philippines, I am happy to say that I am now a perpetual happy and positive optimist. How did I do it, you might ask?

Well it's simple, but it wasn't by changing "myself" (for I wasn't the problem). And it wasn't by changing my attitude, thoughts or going through some self-help/pop psychology/New Age program or seminar. In fact, I didn't even have to change myself or who I was. I just remained the same person. Instead, it was simply by changing my geographic LOCATION, environment and culture, entering another world so to speak. Let me explain.

In the US, no one talks to me except old people, I can't get any dates at all, women are completely anti-social to me, strangers act like I don't exist, and I am totally ignored and feel like I don't exist. Unfortunately, women in America generally don’t like to meet new people. They don’t even talk to you unless you are in their clique or they grew up with you, or it’s business-related. And that’s unacceptable to me. But everything I do to try to change all that seems futile, as if trying to change any of it goes completely against the flow and against the grain, inappropriate and out-of-bounds! Ick! It's a no-win situation, or a serious incompatibility at least.

So, with everything that I am suppressed, strangled, and invalidated, how could I possibly be happy or positive, when I can't be who I truly am or act out my nature of being an outgoing fun vibrant social butterfly? It's simply not possible, nor is it natural.

But on the other hand, here in the Philippines, I can be who I truly am, and when I do so, it gets very POSITIVE results! The social environment here completely allows, encourages, and adds fuel to my very social outgoing nature, especially with women! Here, I NEVER have to be alone if I don't want to. I ALWAYS have many hot women to choose from, of all types - dark skin (chocolate), light skin (vanilla), medium olive color, cute, sexy, tall or short, etc. (If you think my ice cream comparisons are...

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Uploaded by:   WWu777

Date:   08/01/2007

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   12 pages (2,590 words)

Views:   1837

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From pessimist in the US to optimist in the Philippines (Why I like Filipinas the best)

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