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Football and Business

Uploaded by panthrmass84 on May 10, 2002

Decisions are a part of everyday life. While some can affect lives for a day, others affect a lifetime. There comes a time in one’s life when he will need to select a career or a certain field to concentrate in, in order to make a living. A career that is most suited for a person’s desires can be chosen after making a conscious effort to review the positive and negative sides of both options.

The fields of football and business are difficult to have careers in. There are many obstacles and steps involved in getting into either field. Most business managers will not hire an unmotivated, unskilled, unreliable worker, they want, “intelligence, passion… enthusiasm, ability to cope with turbulent environments, and marketing experience.”(Martin) These traits only come to those who wish to achieve. For football however, there are two ways of getting in. Some people are just born with a knack for football. The parents are 5’11” and 5’10’ and their kid will grow to be 6’5”, with speed like a cheetah and hands that seem to have glue on them. The other possibility on how to get into the NFL is hard work. Getting down to the nitty-gritty and pushing your mind and body to its limits are the attributes useful in achieving success. As well as personal characteristics, there are some physical characteristics that go with both fields. According to lawyer Norman Katnik, an associate of Katnik & Katnik Law, “Anyone can be a business man, short, fat, tall, skinny, white, black, anyone, but not everyone can play football. Typically linemen are 6’4” 280 pounds, running backs are usually 200 pounds and quarterbacks are usually 6’2”.” Another way to get in to either field is by a persons performance, such as degree in Business Administration or, for the athletes, finishing four to five years of college. The accomplishments will allow business officers and general managers to recognize those that have achieved the things that will distinguish them in their specific fields.

There are requirements needed in order to start a business. “Sometimes times are rough, you’ll need ‘stick-to-itiveness’ and you’ll need to put blinders on and focus or you will lose track of what you were trying to achieve,” said Katnik. “I was even forced to work sixteen-hour days, which amounted to over seventeen hours a week. It seemed as though my family had become second to...

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Uploaded by:   panthrmass84

Date:   05/10/2002

Category:   Sports

Length:   8 pages (1,746 words)

Views:   2638

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Football and Business

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