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First Day at School

Uploaded by vlad5017 on Mar 04, 2004

¡§Mel, Mel! It¡¦s already seven! You¡¦re late!¡¨
I tossed furiously on my bed, groaning in annoyance. I lay still for a moment then sprung up from my bed as I heard my father¡¦s grumpy footsteps approaching to my door. ¡§I¡¦m up, just give me five minutes.¡¨ I rushed past my father and headed to the small bathroom. There I was, trying to wear my weird looking uniform while the toothbrush was still in my mouth. I stared at the mirror above the sink, practicing my friendly smile which I thought it would be useful on the first day at school. A few heavy knocks on the door interrupted my practice and I know the time had finally come. I had to go to the new school. With a nervous grin on my face I shut the front door and waited for the elevator. ¡§Everything will be fine, Mel. You will survive,¡¨ I reassured myself.
Stepping out of the station I took a few deep breaths, hoping the coolness in the air would calm me down. I continued walking, amused by the way that people stared at my distinctive, bright green uniform and probably because the fact that I was an international school student. I sighed silently, why did I choose to enter an international school while I could go into a local Hong Kong school with all my friends? Sometimes I hated to be different. I stopped in front of an old, small building. I looked down at my small, wrinkled sheet which had my new school address on it. I could not believe this building in front of me was my new school. I looked around; wishing someone would come to me and tell me I was wrong. But no, in fact I saw all these people, similar to my age, wearing the same bright green uniform as me walking into the building. I stood there motionlessly in front of the school gate. What I saw right now was a really small building. The campus only had one basketball court and it was even smaller than the standard size, there was a little tuck shop next to it. The building was four storeys high and each floor was so small that you could easily count how many classrooms there...

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Uploaded by:   vlad5017

Date:   03/04/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   5 pages (1,125 words)

Views:   1673

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First Day at School

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