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Equality: The Destination Yet to be Reached

Uploaded by mascara_lifter on Mar 17, 2001

He had a dream. Does anything else come to mind when you mention the one and only Martin Luther King Jr.? For most people, probably not. The truth is, King was recognized primarily for his dream. And why not? It was a good dream, one that promoted peace and equality. It was the dream that was thought to have united the black and white communities, the dream that made America aware of a problem, and the dream that ultimately led to his demise. Let me ask you a question: Would King be happy to see how far his dream has come? Don’t answer so quickly. Instead, let us ponder…

Today, there is coracial education. African Americans are in every U.S. school; it’s not uncommon. Blacks and whites can dine together at neighboring tables at any restaurant. Anyone to utter the word “nigger” is most definitely punished in the harshest form. Caucasians are not considered to be better than their darker friends in any way, shape, or form. Of the ignorant bigoted percentage of the population, whites consider blacks every bit as strong and honorable as themselves. Our schools even hold assemblies to reprimand racism, targeting these horribly self-emulating whites. For the most part, blacks have surpassed the label of “lower class,” or “uneducated,” or “ secondary citizens.” For the most part, African Americans have overcome.

But have they surpassed and overcame even equality itself? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality goes both ways. Just as it is unthinkable to place a white person above a black person, it should be unthinkable to place a black above a white. Perhaps it is the white community’s guilt or regret for years of oppression that accounts for this, but there is a growing amount of reversed racism in our country today. There are more cases where blacks are being treated differently, being treated special, simply because they are a few shades darker. White children have less oppertunities as a result of this. This is discrimination based on skin color. Is this not racism? The very racism King fought against?

If we are all to be treated equally, as stated by our own government, then why is our government promoting the defiance of this very law? Colleges all across our country are responsible for practicing reversed racism. Because of their desire to accept students within a minority, they are in fact excluding many more qualified...

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Uploaded by:   mascara_lifter

Date:   03/17/2001

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   3 pages (708 words)

Views:   1524

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Equality: The Destination Yet to be Reached

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