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Environmental issues in England

Uploaded by rmulder on Nov 04, 2002

The main features of England’s ecosystem.

England’s ecosystem is not very diverse, this is similar to all islands around the world, being and island it is unlikely that the ecosystem will change mainly because of the area. Islands usually also have their own specific and unique biome, England is no exception though it does share the Island with Wales and Scotland as well. Though England’s ecosystem and biome are unique they are very similar to that of near by countries. Frances northern coast (Normandy) for example shares many similar qualities to that of England. Ireland and Wales also share most of England’s ecosystem, but Scotland though pretty close to England has a much different landscape, and though sharing most aspects of its neighbours ecosystem, does differ considerably in places. This is mainly due to the difference in temperature, climate and landscape; this causes the ecosystem to differ to adapt itself to these conditions.

England’s ecosystem is pretty luscious, with plenty of water, it’s a very fertile and green country, but due to the dense population this has been cut into by roads and cities.

Plant life in England

England’s plant life is very unique with a huge array of flora, trees, bushes, plants and flowers. Pines, oaks, elm and beech are probably the most common trees within England though there are hundreds more. Daffodils, primroses, daisies and roses are very common around England and holly and ivy are just as widespread. Due to the fertile land agricultural farming of fruit and vegetables are very common produce over England. For the same reason grass grows in huge amounts across the entire country, creating a velvety green landscape.

Animal life in England

Animal life in England is diverse, and has changed a lot over the years. This is mainly because of the the huge farming industry which was boosted by the import of foreign animals, such as the cow. This meant the eco system changed. Sheep were also imported and breed to produce what we have today. This made sheep and cattle the most common farm animals in England, shortly followed by the swine. The most common wild animals are the fox, pigeon, badger, mouse and rabbit, these are very common all over England, but there are also hundreds more rodents and small mammals such as the vole and the rat, which are just as common. The cat and dog are the most regular domestic animal...

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Uploaded by:   rmulder

Date:   11/04/2002

Category:   Geography

Length:   6 pages (1,319 words)

Views:   4017

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Environmental issues in England

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