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Ellen Foster: Forcing a child to mature faster than normal

Uploaded by swaungcenter on Apr 18, 2004

Is it possible to force a child to mature faster than normal?

A girl named Ellen, in Ellen Foster, by Kate Gibbons, is exposed to situations and events that most children her age are not. Was she, because of the experiences she had to go through, forced to become mature faster than normal? Is it possible for a child to be forced to become mature earlier than normal? Yes, it is possible for a child to be forced to mature faster than normal, if that child is exposed to situations or circumstances in which they are forced to view or experience events that are not normally viewed or experienced by a child of that age.
Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines mature as “having or expressing the mental and emotional qualities that are considered normal to an adult socially adjusted human being”. This means that to be mature is to have certain traits, which you acquire as you mature. According to this definition, it would be possible for a child to become mature early; they simply must attain these certain traits. According to “Levels of Maturity”, there are seven levels of maturity. These levels can be acquired through experience. As one completes a level, they move on to the next one. The article also says: “As we mature, we become more flexible. We have a greater capacity to find peaceful solutions to our differences with others. We become more independent, ultimately achieving interdependence. With greater maturity comes more kindness, compassion, and respect toward others, along with self-confidence and clarity of purpose.” These are some of the traits discussed in the next paragraph.
According to “Traits Learned on the Way to Maturity”, as one matures, he/she learns various traits that distinguish that person from a less mature person. One of these traits is responsibility. Ellen does show remarkable responsibility. After her mother dies, she takes care of her father and herself. With the money she receives, she pays the bills, buys the food, gives some to her father to buy beer, and saves the rest. Most children her age would not show the responsibility to be able to handle managing the family finances. “I figured out what I needed and took it. You got the lights, gas to heat and cook,...

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Uploaded by:   swaungcenter

Date:   04/18/2004

Category:   Literature

Length:   4 pages (999 words)

Views:   2471

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Ellen Foster: Forcing a child to mature faster than normal

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