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Uploaded by lemonh7863 on Nov 08, 2002

A corridor leading to the Pharaoh's tomb is ten meters longer than three times the length of its base. If the base is twenty-five meters long, how long is the corridor?

The peak of a certain pyramid contains four bricks. The perimeter of each descending layer contains four more bricks than that of the layer above it. If there are a thousand layers, how many bricks are around the base of the pyramid?

A clever treasure hunter discovered an Ancient Egyptian tomb after a treacherous journey through the dark corridors of a pyramid. He saw six bags of intricately carved gold pieces. The inscriptions on the wall of the chamber warned would-be grave robbers that five of the bags contained false gold and that the trip back would be impossible with more than one bag. The hieroglyphs also showed that each of the real gold pieces was 1.1 Egyptian units of measurement and the false gold was one unit each. The tomb contained a special scale that would work only once, and when the amount to be weighed was placed on the scale, no pieces could be added or removed to watch the weight fluctuate. The writings warned that if the scale was misused the tomb would collapse. How could the treasure hunter use the scale to determine which bag to take?

You are an archaelogist and you have just uncovered an ancient Egyptian palace. Your colleague has translated the hieroglyphs on the walls and the writings describe the royal family who inhabitated the palace. Before she could finish figuring out the family tree she mysteriously disappeared. Use the notes (below) she left behind to help her match Nephat, Samhut, and Akham to their duties (Pharaoh, High Priest, and Scribe).

Zepssa is wife to the Pharaoh, her grandmother's brother, the High Priest, has no daughters, one son and three grandsons, only one of the grandsons (Samhut) is a father (of Nephat's nephew). The Pharaoh's brother-in-law is a scribe who has one set of living grandparents; the scribe's grandfather (Akham) has no nephews but a niece who is a mother. The Pharaoh has no brothers, one sister and his parents are dead. Nephat's sister has married a descendent of the High Priest and has a child


cobra, falcon, baboon, mouse, beetle, crocodile, cat, ibis, fish, vulture

Archaeologist's Challenge:

The corridor is 85 meters long.

There are 4,000 bricks around the base of the pyramid.

Place one...

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Uploaded by:   lemonh7863

Date:   11/08/2002

Category:   Geography

Length:   4 pages (985 words)

Views:   2874

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