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Effect of Music on the Adolescent

Uploaded by twolves815 on Nov 28, 2005

According to (Donald F. Roberts et al, 2003), At the simplest, most global level, people of all ages listen to music because it provides pleasure; for adolescence this pleasure can be powerful and tends to be associated with the most intense experiences of life. I chose this subject because it was one which I could relate to and provide a more in-depth personal input on. Music, in my opinion, plays a role in every decision a person makes, and every goal a person has; a person’s life can unfold according to what kind of music they listen to. In this essay I will talk about the positive effects of music, the negative effects of music, and the personal effect music has had on me.
Bruce Springsteen said “Music…. Is there, to provide you with

Something to face the world with.” Music can have a very positive effect on the 15 year old that is searching for an identity amongst a group of peers. Music listened to is linked directly to how well an adolescent does in school and in education as a whole. Music can enhances performance on abstract/spatial reasoning tests (Rauscher, Shaw, & Ky, 1.993). A study showed that classical music against loud, rock music produced better results on the same test taken by teens that were in the same grade point average. On a personal note, I have found this to be true. Lately, for my psychology tests I started listening to different symphonies in my room as I studied and found it helpful and more relaxing than my former style of studying which was to blast my favorite rapper on my stereo. Music also contributes the well-being of an adolescent. On the ride to school either in a car or a bus, the type of music listened to, can reflect the kind of day it is going to be. Music reduces stress (Stratton, 1992) and anxiety levels (Mornhinweg, 1992). The challenging life of a teen with education and extracurricular activities, music can be used as a form of stress relief and help calm a tedious schedule. Throughout high school we had the different social and peer groups that were always together. The music they listened to was correlated with how they dressed and acted; the “Goths” listened to heavy metal and punk and dressed in black, while the football team was more of a hip-hop culture, both listening...

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Uploaded by:   twolves815

Date:   11/28/2005

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   4 pages (981 words)

Views:   1544

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Effect of Music on the Adolescent

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