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Education Freestyle Writing

Uploaded by strikexp on May 24, 2022

Education Free-write

From the way I see it, education is something one cannot forgo and dismiss, because it may open doors that one would’ve never thought possible in the beginning.

Education is a privilege.

The beautiful nature of education, though, is that it’s never too late in life to learn anything.

Regardless of your personal opinion on education, there is no doubt that education is extremely important in all aspects of life.

As a society, we value education to the extremes. We build elite universities with single digit acceptance rates that we claim are much superior in the conquest of knowledge than any of the others. As soon as someone name drops that they graduated from these top 100 institutions, we brand them with no shortage of traits: smart, hardworking, elite. When we introduce ourselves in writing, some of us have degrees attached to the end. A pHd at the end makes you a doctor but being called Dr. makes you “superior” in terms of society. But what about those who can’t get a conventional education? In countries across the world, literacy rates are astonishingly low and minority groups are often overlooked. People of color and women are constantly told what they can and cannot learn about. What happens to these people?

Many students aren’t learning for pure curiosity anymore, but because they are terrified of getting poor scores. We are taught to regurgitate information that is given to us instead of purely digesting and using the acquired knowledge.

Education has always been an essential factor in our development as productive citizens, and human beings. While parents or guardians may help learn the very basics like the alphabets and numbers, schools become very important to create higher-order thinking and molding us for valid career options (although dinosaur hunter does sound exciting).

I see education as something constant in our lives. We are always learning something wherever we are, whether it be academically or not.

Now that you have reflected on your definitions, experiences and/or perspectives, respond to images of schools around the world. Visit: Schools around the world – in pictures | World news

I learned that in developing nations, educational institutions lack the resources and funding necessary to provide an adequate education to children. On the contrary, developed nations have abundant resources to provide not only core education, but extracurricular activities as well.

Honestly, I never really considered education outside of the developed world much,...

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Uploaded by:   strikexp

Date:   05/24/2022

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   5 pages (1,031 words)

Views:   801

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