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Ebola: Human Soup Maker

Uploaded by kennyp on Oct 03, 2000

I chose to do my report of the Ebola Virus because it is a very deadly, and it’s a virus that isn’t publicized much in newspapers and televisions. So I think it’s a good choice. The Ebola virus is one of the worlds most deadly viruses, in all of its many forms.

The purpose of this essay is to explain the history, signs and symptoms of the Ebola virus. Between the years 425BC & 430BC Athens’ population was dramatically reduced when about 300,000 of its inhabitants died from some sickness. People now believe this sickness was Ebola.

The first recorded outbreak of the Zaire string of the Ebola virus was in Zaire in the year 1976. Doctors didn’t know how to treat it, that also means they didn’t know how to contain it. The infected people would meet in public areas, and the virus would spread. In western Sudan, the same year, the Sudan string of the Ebola virus immerged with similar results. In both types of the Ebola virus, combined had 550 infections and 340 deaths, which is a 60% fatality rate. The viruses then laid dormant until 1979, when Sudan was hit again with a smaller infection rate of 34 infections and 22 deaths. As before the fatality rate was about 60%.

In 1987 a new string of the Ebola virus was discovered. This string was called the Reston string. This string was air born and it was a mutation of the Zaire string. A group of monkeys that where infected got sent to Virginia from the Philippines. Luckily the string doesn’t infect Homo Sapiens. A lot of workers came in contact with the monkeys, and none of them died, or even showed signed of illness.

In Kikwit, Zaire there was another outbreak in 1995. This time a patient was admitted to a hospital, the doctors thought he had Malaria. The surgeons decided to operate because of his worsening symptoms. The whole surgical team came in contact with the patients body fluids, and they were all infected. From this operating room, 293 cases were recorded and 233 deaths, which means a higher fatality rate. In the later part of 1995 another string of the Ebola virus was discovered. A Swiss researcher in West Africa was the first to get the Tai string of the Ebola virus. She got it from a chimpanzee in the Tai forest. She was taken to a hospital...

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Uploaded by:   kennyp

Date:   10/03/2000

Category:   Biology

Length:   4 pages (882 words)

Views:   1722

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Ebola: Human Soup Maker

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