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Dora: The Effect of Oppression

Uploaded by basmith on Jun 16, 2002

In Freud’s Dora, it is apparent in the case study of Dora, oppression has quite an effect on Dora . The act of oppression is no stranger, the act of Oppression is argued in Paulo Fiere, “The Banking Concept” as well. The actions of Freud are very similar to Paulo Fiere’s views of the “oppressive teacher” . The actions of Freud coincide with the actions of the “oppressive teacher”. Even though Freud is not a teacher he tries to apply his beliefs to Dora, because he feels his way is the right way. He tries to make her believe things that are not necessarily her beliefs. In a way he makes her feel confused and not to sure of what she believes. This is very similar to the beliefs of the oppressive teacher who believes that the student is only there to collect knowledge from them and not bestow their prior knowledge to anyone. Toril Moi the author of “Representation of Patriarchy: Sexuality and Epistemology in Freud’s Dora” , agree’s that Freud was an oppressor towards Dora and does not help her situation, in fact he is the first one who mentions the work he did with Dora was a failure.

The case study of Dora preformed by Freud focuses on the problem of hysteria in Dora’s life. When Dora’s parents found a suicide note from her they decided to send her to Freud for treatment, obviously she got a little more than she bargained for. It was clear that Dora’s psychological problems are definitely related to her social background. She is not very confident and not to sure of her actions, all while being under great pressure trying to lead a normal life. Dora’s Hysteria can be clearly linked to her lack of Independence which in turn leads her to live a very sheltered life. The purpose that Dora holds to her father is for sick and unusual reasons, she is clearly being used to help her father obtain his mistress, he wants to use her as a gift to his mistress’s husband. Dora obviously feels that her father only wants to send her to treatment because he wants her to be cured. In other words for her to give herself up to further his sick relationship. It is obvious throughout Freud’s analysis that it was leading to a failure, he would agree. The problem lies within the “Oppressor” ,a.k.a....

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Uploaded by:   basmith

Date:   06/16/2002

Category:   Literature

Length:   6 pages (1,267 words)

Views:   2215

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Dora: The Effect of Oppression

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