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Does the Internet Need Censors?

Uploaded by Jeremeamia on Aug 18, 2002

The Internet has been in universal use for many years. It is a powerful research and communication tool, and it can be used for personal enjoyment. However, there is a dark side to the Internet. “There is obscenity on the Internet. There is also explicit but legal material [. . .]. There are bomb recipes, militia materials, hate speech of every stripe—mixed in small amounts with political, legal, medical, technical, and sports-related resources, the rock music fan pages, [and] the science fiction forums” (Wallace and Mangan xii). The Internet is not owned or regulated by one particular place or person; therefore, anything can be put up on the Internet despite the objections of others. The Internet has become a home for thousands of pornographic and explicit websites and other websites dealing with hate, violence, and terrorism. There is no universal definition of what is objectionable and what is decent. Children are exposed to “objectionable” material on the Internet everyday; however, measures are being taken to prevent this from happening.

Internet filtering technology has become a growing industry during the past few years. Internet filters are a type of computer software that identify and block objectionable content on the Internet, and prevent it from being shown on the screen. The Government has been arguing for years whether or not to require Internet filters in schools and libraries. This author believes that the Government should not require mandatory Internet filters and that schools and libraries should be able to choose whether or not to use them. Internet filters are not foolproof, and sometimes they can block more than what they are supposed to do. However, filters still provide protection to minors and others that use them. To decide whether Internet filters should be required, it is important to know about the different types of filters and how they work and about the laws having to do with Internet filtering and Internet censorship. It is also essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Internet filtering and to know that there are other solutions to protect children other than filtering.

Internet filters have been in use for several years. They have mainly been used in schools and libraries, but many filters are being used in homes. The main reason for these filters is to protect children from pornography and sexual content. In her book, Karen Schneider says, “Internet filters are mechanical tools wrapped around subjective...

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Uploaded by:   Jeremeamia

Date:   08/18/2002

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   15 pages (3,308 words)

Views:   1710

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Does the Internet Need Censors?

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