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Distance, Time & Space

Uploaded by larry118 on Nov 30, 2004

Peter was never a smart boy. At 12 he was still struggling with the basics of arithmetic and trying to understand the differences between a verb and a noun. The boys at Scot lee High called him “slow mo”. Life couldn’t be crueler and ironic because his last name, Sparks, was the cause for many unkind jokes. Once in the fifth grade his Math teacher said, “For someone called Sparks, you are not very bright are you?” He remembered how that class of nine year olds had laughed and started chanting “ Sparky, Sparky where’s your light? Sparky Sparky not too bright!” He hated them all so much. But that was a long time ago, another life another Peter Sparks.

As he walked into his office at Sparks, Graham & Bradfords, Peter Sparks felt the familiar scent of leather slowly sipping through his nostrils. He placed his briefcase on his three meter oak wood desk. The shrill of the telephone broke the peaceful serenity of the office. “ Morning Mr. Sparks, Miss Lindsey Davis on Line One”. What a sexy voice, Peter thought but he said “ Thanks Pam, put her through.”

Peter Sparks looked good. Six hours in the gym every morning and fifteen laps around the track at night made sure of that. His deep brown eyes were perfectly placed just above his picture perfect nose and light red lips. As he waited for the call to be put through he ran his hand though his silky black hair and sat in his leather recliner. “ Good Morning Mr. Sparks, Lindsey Davis, DA’s office” Five foot fife, probably blonde, nice rack undoubtedly pretty. Young, nervous and wanting to appear confident. Disarm her. “ Morning Lindsey, to what do I owe the pleasure?” First name basis, always the way to make conversations more personal. “The State vs. Milan Records. Any chance of an out of court settlement?” Milan Records had a great reputation. Built up by Cerevico Milan in 1965, the recording company had all the major contracts and boasted sixteen platinum records and 14 golden records. Now the State was filing a lawsuit against Benito Milan, heir to the recording empire for tax evasion. The damage would be irreparable. But the State did not know that. “ Is the State backing down?” Everyone knew Peter Sparks’ reputation. 23 years old, two years in practice, senior partner of his...

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Uploaded by:   larry118

Date:   11/30/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   4 pages (862 words)

Views:   1340

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Distance, Time & Space

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