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Deja vu

Uploaded by Kheyal on Nov 18, 2004

DeƒVjaƒ]ƒ] vu
By Kheyal Azam Khalil

She surfaced, she was born, her existence was now evident. So it was repeated, opinions about her originated; purely based on perception.
I saw her, we met, and communicated. She was to me as I was to her- a book with endless pages.
I had reached out for her and she for me in the natural search of belonging. And so time passed as it must and I thought I knew her.
I had too committed a mistake; fallen prey to the human desire that is to define and limit. I admit that I had dared to name a book that had no conclusion, whose every aspect could never be revealed.
And so it is said hence it was done; as the very next page contained a revelation that pushed me off my utopia of assumption and I fell down to the depth of reality- a reality previously unknown or consciously kept hidden.
Truth as it is, must stay bitter and so it was. She wasn¡¦t what I had known her to be and so she was among ¡¥the others¡¦. ¡¥The others¡¦ who were infinite yet so insignificant. Yes, she was the same like all of ¡¥them¡¦ who had struck me one after the other by their individuality that seemed to be so familiar. . .
And so they say, what they are is all for survival but being amongst the ¡¥survivors¡¦ I have failed to climb the ladder all of them have chosen. Perhaps because the higher they climb, the lower they seem to stoop. . .
So I wait again as I had done before to see her surface. And then end up at the same place where I started. Alright, now I know
I know I¡¦ll never trust a single thing you say
You knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway
And all your lies have got you floating up above us all
But what goes up has got to fall. . .
-Linkin Park

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Uploaded by:   Kheyal

Date:   11/18/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   1 pages (331 words)

Views:   2320

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