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Daniel Pearl

Uploaded by enro05 on Dec 01, 2003

The United States of America is a “special nation”, with a manifest destiny to become the “protectors of the free world”. And so the ironic battle begins here as we began to realize that the free world is in a paradox of itself. As protectors, this ideological thinking has grown into a foreign policy, and freedom is no longer just a gift but instead every human’s right and a moral of society. Since 1776, when America had declared freedom its almost as if “freedom” became a never-ending battle to fight for. And as if on a crusade the United States has enforced their ethics creating an ideological illusion to be enforced globally by the most powerful individual and in turn protected by the most powerful country in the world. This never-ending war for individual freedom has resulted in an inevitable Yin Yang, conflict of values, a creation of heaven vs. hell, and thus concluded to an ideological battle of Good vs. Evil. This disagreement of Good Vs. Evil is taken upon as a war for individual freedom fought at all costs even if the “ends justify the means” along with the theory that violence outside the law to achieve justice is acceptable. This “above the law” status created by American ideals has sunk into the blood and veins of the people. Other myth such as technology, being the protector and savior of the people, is demonstrated by the status of the United States as a world “super power”. All these myths help to form a culture of individuality and heroic mindsets. These ethics grow out of myths and transform into reality as Americans witness, its government policies leap into international waters to take action, through their “technological savior”: the media. The ideology of America has created a visible paradox making it evident of a glitch in its media, culture, and society. By analyzing the ideology of the American individualistic culture that is appraised in Society and in fact practiced by the American society in its foreign policies of a “holy war” can in fact become hypocritical of itself. Through a Micro Level prospective, a media case study of an Investigative Journalist arouses issues of ethics that make it evident to find the paradox in the so called free world.
Long before September 11th Anti American...

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Uploaded by:   enro05

Date:   12/01/2003

Category:   Biographies

Length:   12 pages (2,631 words)

Views:   2737

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Daniel Pearl

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