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Uploaded by junkie on Mar 05, 2002

I think the reson the d-day operation was sucsessfull was because of deception. It was 1944, and by this time the united states had been "in the war" aginst germany for threee years and the british had been in for almost six years. Alot of people dont know that there were many beachs that were seiged that same day that usaully dont get meantioned. the two that were the most importante that most people focuos on were the Omaha and utah beach beacuase of so many american solgers flooded those beachs and they had alot of casulties. Most of the other beachs were tackin with minamal casulties.

over the next couple of hours the men on the beachs had to go though hell. The "allied invaders" had to tack these beach they played a huge role in the over all sucsees of the operation. Before the landing the german beachs had to be preped by bombing by air by the united states bombers that with 1,000 ships droped 5,000 tons of bombs. The beachs were also softened up by the united states battel ships bombarding the beachs.

Although fewer Allied ground troops went ashore on D-Day than on the first day of the earlier invasion of Sicily, the invasion of Normandy was in total history's greatest water to land operation, involving on the first day 5,000 ships, the largest "armada" ever assembled; 11,000 aircraft (following months of preliminary bombardment); and approximately 154,000 British, Canadian and American soldiers, including 23,000 arriving by parachute and glider. The invasion also involved a long-range deception plan on a scale the world had never before seen and the clandestine operations of tens of thousands of Allied resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied countries of western Europe.

American General Dwight D. Eisenhower was named supreme commander for the allies in Europe. British General, Sir Frederick Morgan, established a combined American-British headquarters known as COSSAC, for Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander. COSSAC developed a number of plans for the Allies, most notable was that of Operation Overlord, a full scale invasion of France across the English Channel.

Eisenhower felt that COSSAC's plan was a good operation. After reviewing the disastrous hit-and-run raid in 1942 in Dieppe, planners decided that the strength of German defenses required not a number of separate assaults by relatively small units but an intense concentration of power in a single main landing. The invasion site...

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Uploaded by:   junkie

Date:   03/05/2002

Category:   World War II

Length:   9 pages (2,086 words)

Views:   2803

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