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Cyrano de Bergerac: Can't Blow any louder

Uploaded by krkode on Mar 14, 2002

Cyrano tries to be more than he is. From Cyrano’s first scene to his last the reader gets an impression that Cyrano is trying to be more than he is, and trying to do more than he can. Even though, in the long run he ends up doing these things well, the reader still gets an impression that he’s trying to boast about his abilities and, “blow his own trumpet.” Although many times the reader gets an impression that he isn’t doing it on purpose and that’s just his character, many of his other actions are quite blatantly boastful.

In his very first scene, in the Theatre house, Cyrano barges in on the play and insults immediately uses his ready wit to insult Montfluery and close the play. He then unafraid unlike another person challenges the crowd! Whatever it was a sign of it showed that he was brave and Proud of his abilities as a swordsman. Obviously he is brave, but an angry French crowd can be a large thing to handle, but in not showing fear himself he instilled fear in the heart of the crowd. Although this was an action of courage it was really unnecessary. It may have made him “admirable” in the eyes of some people, but it also made him look haughty in the eyes of other people. This is how he makes so many enemies, and makes so many people jealous of him. Later on in the scene, insulting an important and powerful man like Valvert was another thing that looked haughty, and moreover although it takes a lot of skill to fight and make up a ballade at the same time it may be classified as an act of over-pride.

Who hates to have enemies? Not Cyrano!! Cyrano in his first duet, talking to Le Bret, they discuss the events that just happened when Le Bret comments on how many enemies he must have made, when Cyrano replies, “Enough. You make me happy.” Very few people like to have enemies and Cyrano is one of them. Cyrano likes to fight. He has a very bellicose personality. Also when he’s about to leave to fight the hundred men ready to kill Lignere he says “I feel too strong to war with mortals...BRING ME GIANTS.” What this shows is, he thinks he’s too good a swordsman, which is another act of pure pride. Another...

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Uploaded by:   krkode

Date:   03/14/2002

Category:   Literature

Length:   5 pages (1,203 words)

Views:   1418

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Cyrano de Bergerac: Can't Blow any louder

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