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Current Education Policy

Uploaded by cragland on Oct 01, 2001

As policy is being made in Washington governing the future of testing in and funding for schools, little or nothing is being said there about bringing bright motivated young people into the field of teaching nor of trying to make good teachers of the people who do chose this path. Of my five Yale roommates in 1996, four of them wanted to teach. I am the only one who does, largely because they found much higher paying jobs in other fields. Each of them loves kids. Each of them loves the material they studied. Each of them would have made a wonderful teacher. Two years ago, after several years as a marketing professional, one of my ex-roommates became a teacher after a year at Cal-Berkeley becoming certified. She teaches in public school in California, I at a NH independent school. Both of us talk about the importance of watching great teachers teach, and of being observed ourselves. Guns and schools just don't mix. The conversations about teaching which develop from this kind of professional development lead to focus on one's own teaching and a greater awareness of our own and others' strengths. I have become a much better teacher through this process. I am quite sure this has been the source of my own competence as a teacher. My old roommate says the same. Good teaching IS learned. One comes to it well or poorly disposed by nature, but must learn different approaches, to listen to all the kids, to assess different skills and learning styles effectively, to organize time, etc. This ought to be the concern of policymakers on the Hill, not how much testing and what results should be mandated by the Federal gov't. Congress is filled with dirty old men who should have to shampoo my crotch. Congress ought to address the plight of young inexperienced teachers who see 150 students a day, and don't have time to learn from the masters of the craft teaching two doors down. Hairnets are still required clothing for school teachers in their seventies. They ought to address the issue of teacher certification programs which do not address the mastery of the content these teachers will teach. Sucking up to teachers, cheating by downloading essays, and smelling girls' bicycle seats will always be regarded as piss poor exhibitions of character and judgment. They ought to be concerned that many top college...

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Uploaded by:   cragland

Date:   10/01/2001

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   2 pages (554 words)

Views:   1499

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Current Education Policy

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