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Creative Writing - The Gift

Uploaded by weixuan18 on Aug 07, 2006

In the year 2132, life is much easier some say, because technology is so advanced. To Sage Leonhart however, it was another exhausting day. He wore a light blue t-shirt with a dark blue jacket to go along with his aqua colored hair, and a pair of grey trousers that went along with his black leather shoes. He, as a member of the elite Guardian Force (GF), has to work on a mission within an unbelievably short time limit¡­again.

GF is the department above the usual Police Force; it contains fighters from all over the world with special powers beyond anyone¡¯s imagination. The fighters are commonly known as ¡°SeeD¡±. The studiers of GF provide the SeeDs with the information they need on the five elements, namely fire, lightning, ice, wind, and earth. Lately, GF has been running low on funds and the Leader of GF, Jyscal Seymour, has no choice but to accept missions from people other than the government. Soryu Sage, as one of the best SeeDs (Rank 1), was assigned to participate in more than 5 missions a day. This is very frustrating for Sage as it leaves him with almost no free time at all. Worse, he isn¡¯t paid for working overtime.

¡°JYSCAL! That¡¯s it! If this goes on, I¡¯m QUITTING! Why do I have to take missions that require me to just go and eliminate certain random French army?!¡± Jyscal, a wise man in his old age, merely shook his head. ¡°All right, now calm down. I know that you are tired,¡± ¡°EXHAUSTED.¡± ¡°I know. But this is the last mission. And as you requested earlier, I have arranged you a holiday in Paris for one month. All the accommodations will be arranged according to your rank. Your airline tickets would be delivered to you shortly afterwards. But this vacation has a secret mission in it. If you complete it, the whole of GF would thank you. Now if there¡¯s anything else you want to say, out with it. If not, scram. I have work to do.¡± Sage gave a salute and started to walk out of the room, when Jyscal said, ¡°Bring some elemental ammo with you Sage, you might need it.¡± Without answering, he left. Jyscal silently laughed, ¡°Sage, I¡¯m giving you back your precious gift. Whether you can handle it depends on you. Good luck.¡±


Ten hours later¡­

Sage was relaxing in...

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Uploaded by:   weixuan18

Date:   08/07/2006

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   14 pages (3,047 words)

Views:   1655

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Creative Writing - The Gift

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