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Corporal punishment is not a valid method of punishment

Uploaded by pure heard on Sep 01, 2002

Corporal punishment is not a valid method of punishment

Most parents have generally strived to find many ways to cope with their children so that they are under good discipline. Accordingly, one of the methods is corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is the way to make children physically suffer by means of hitting or spanking them because they misbehave. Nevertheless, corporal punishment is not a valid method of punishment. There are three main reasons to argue against corporal punishment: physical and psychological harm, negative behaviour in the future and other better alternatives, which are highlighted below.

The first significant reason of physical penalty being unreasonable method is physical and psychological harm. It has been proved that corporal punishment is a direct way affecting on a healthy hazard for children. For instance, in modern living, many parents likely have considerable pressure and stress to earn money; therefore, they may come back to their home in a bad mood. Consequently, children possibly become poor victims as their parents probably use excessively physical punishment without conscience, which are physical and psychological harm for their children. Because of suffering from mental cruelty, some children are intimidated by parents using physical penalty; as a consequence, when they have problems, they fear to consult with their parents to find solutions. Accordingly, children may make a decision in wrong ways such as pregnancy, coming down with AIDS and seriously addictive drugs, which are too late to solve problems together. It is no doubt that employing corporal punishment likely result in physical and psychological harm for children.

Another reason to prohibit using physical punishment is negative behaviour in the future. It might be argued that parents chastise their children by means of corporal punishment conceivably making massive changes in their children’s personality in the future. As a result, these children likely grow up to be aggressive and abusive towards others. Some children may have reactionary behaviour when parents penalise in their body. For example, their children want them to study, but they do in the opposite ways such as truant, quarrel and goldbrick. Consequently, they may courage without discipline instead of a man of discipline in the future. In addition, employing physical punishment leads to the likelihood of violent behaviour when they are children until being adults. It is obviously seen that the negative behaviour of children may be the end result of using corporal punishment.

Finally, there are other much better alternatives...

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Uploaded by:   pure heard

Date:   09/01/2002

Category:   Capital Punishment

Length:   3 pages (681 words)

Views:   3874

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Corporal punishment is not a valid method of punishment

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