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Context In Robert Ludlum's Thrillers

Uploaded by hate_love_life on Nov 11, 2003

“Discuss how Robert Ludlum uses action packed thriller novels to confront modern day issues of religion, war, belief and terrorism.”

With 71 years of life experience Robert Ludlum has gone down in the history books as one the greatest writers of his time. He can take an apple, put it into an unbelievable tale of corruption, lies and mystery and come out with a peach. Ludlum writes with his all and many of his concepts are sprung from real life happenings that he twists into an adventure to rock the world. The issues beneath the layers of his books are as deep as the ocean and are relevant to modern times, even those composed 20 years ago. They surround issues of religion, war, belief and more importantly and more recently, terrorism.

War dates back to the start of evolution. Its definition is conflict and this conflict has always been in place. From bacteria fighting to reproduce in the beginning, to dinosaurs and prehistoric creature battles, right up until 2 million years ago when the biggest war creators of planet earth were formed, man. Historians lecture it and documentation and carbon dating proves it, humans have been fighting since the first drop of blood was spilled, killing and wounding, torturing and menacing, abusing and squashing members of their own race. What passes this along through hundreds of generations is unknown, is it hereditary? Or is it something else, maybe it has something to do with the way you are raised and how you are treated when you are first born into the world.

Like a disease, war has affected every cohort of the human race. Long before there was proper documentation in government buildings or even such a thing as a historian, knowledge of previous happenings were passed down through tales and stories. These days, books are more often than not forgotten, as there are so many other ways to remember the past. These methods have evolved with the modern human brain, from cassettes to CD’s to digital music. From films to television to VCR’s and DVD players, times just keep on changing. With so much entertainment evolving, its hard to believe that such a simple device such as a book could possibly contain so much detail, mystery and suspense and yet still be relevant in modern day lives. Many think it’s impossible, but Robert Ludlum only proves the sceptics wrong.

One of his...

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Uploaded by:   hate_love_life

Date:   11/11/2003

Category:   Literature

Length:   6 pages (1,302 words)

Views:   1343

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Context In Robert Ludlum's Thrillers

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