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Conspiracy theory

Uploaded by professorzo on Mar 14, 2014

Lorenzo Davis

Scientists and other researcher’s investigation into the tragic events surrounding 9/11 have debunked conspiracy theories. Indeed, some psychologists believe that those who adhere to conspiracy theories suffer from paranoia and are more likely to believe in other conspiracy theories, even if it is contradictory. Proponents of conspiracy theories contend that the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers and pentagon were planned and permitted by the United States government, that the jet fuel was not hot enough to burn the steel in the towers, and that the towers and pentagon were bombed.
For such a shocking assertion, one would think that these conspiracy theorists would provide facts and evidence to support their theories, rather than mere conjecture and opinion. The truthers side of the argument is any but truth, for they reject the official reports and accounts of 9/11 while failing to offer counter-evidence. Furthermore, the conspiracy theory does not satisfy the falsifiability criterion for the following reasons: (1) it does not offer the possibility that the theory can be false, (2) it does not make any predictions about future planned attacks, and (3), it is not specific enough to give the theory credibility.
In response to the 9/11 conspiracy theories, the American Society of Civil Engineers conducted their own investigation into this issue. Using automated simulation, engineers, and some real like experiments, researchers were able to replicate the buildings, planes, and situation of 9/11. Researchers also found that the jet fuel was hot enough to melt the steel with 4 minutes and that the thermite in the tower could not even melt a column of the tower.
In order to make the truthers’ side falsifiable, they need to do an experiment. The truthers’ must show that their claims are supported by data and measurements. They also need to provide alternative explanations why their argument could be false. Finally, the truthers’ need to provide more detail as to why they believe the 9/11 attacks are a conspiracy, rather than making bald assertions and general conclusions.

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Uploaded by:   professorzo

Date:   03/14/2014

Category:   Politics

Length:   1 pages (332 words)

Views:   2903

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