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Comparing Life on Animal Farm with the Lives of People in Iraq

Uploaded by GothicPhilos05 on Dec 14, 2003

Knowledge is possessed in many ways. Much of the knowledge an individual grasps during their lifetime is gained through books and literature. A true literary classic is timeless. Through the classic novel,Animal Farm, Iraqis and Americans can learn the importance of aknowledging their problems and taking action.

Ignorance disables an individual's ability to distinuish between right and wrong. In the novel, Animal Farm, the animals were very unintelligent and were vulnerable to their leader's manipulative schemes. Consequently, the animals, being backwards in their understanding, would accomodate their cruel leader in every way possible. Similarly, the Iraqi people are easily manipulated by Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi government only tells its people those things which are beneficial to its growing power. This allows the government to fabricate lies of victory and twist the truths of failure, sucking its powerless people back under its hypnotic hold of economic sorrow. The ignorance found in Animal Farm and Iraw is a core of weakness created by horrible leadership.

Often, leaders will use fear to ensure their power. The animals of Animal Farm immensely feared their leader Napoleon, allowing him to gain full control of their lives. In the same way, Saddam Hussein generates enough fear into his people to debilitate any and all pride they possess, delivering them into the hands of sadistic torment. This torment leave the Iraqi people defenseless, enabling Hussein to, once again, manipulate them. Fearful citizens and followers, knowing they are hopless, appease their frightening leaders without question.

Iraqis can learn many things from reading Animal Farm. It is important that Iraqis do not lose hope during this difficult time. Animal Farm may prove to the Iraqi people that they are, by no means, powerless. The novel will show them that Saddam Hussein does not have complete control over their lives, and he can be stopped. The hope and enlightenment brought through the reading of Animal Farm may be crucial to the sanity of the Iraqi people.

Americans may also benefit from reading this classic novel. As a free country, we should cherish the rights and freedoms we possess, reaching out to other countries who are not as fortunate. Even though we live in America, we must continue to be on guard against any leaders who have bad intentions concerning our country. Americans...

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Uploaded by:   GothicPhilos05

Date:   12/14/2003

Category:   Animal Farm

Length:   2 pages (457 words)

Views:   4133

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Comparing Life on Animal Farm with the Lives of People in Iraq

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