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Comfority in Dead Poets Society

Uploaded by famousdoll on Nov 23, 2005

“In joining the Dead Poets’ Society the boys have simply replaced one sort of conformity for another.”

In the text, “The Dead Poets Society”, we are introduced to the notions of conformity, authority and freedom. Conformity is perceived as keeping to accepted rules or customs. In the film, we are shown many images of conformity in numerous circumstances. The school is operated on the notion of conformity and later in the film we are shown a group of students that rebel against their stringent surroundings by conforming themselves to their new club, “The Dead Poets’ Society.”

At the beginning of the film it is made apparent that the school conducts itself in a very professional and rigorous way. Welton Academy is founded on tradition and excellence and is bent on providing strict structured lessons prescribed by the realist, anti-youth administration. In the opening scene, we are immediately presented with the school’s motto, “Tradition, Discipline, and Excellence,” at the first assembly for the school term. The words employed to create the motto reflect greatly on the school’s idea of operating and it is demonstrated in this scene. We are shown images of regulation and discipline at the assembly and further on in the classroom scenes. The boys in both situations do not seem comfortable and also somewhat uniformed. The school has a reputation for excellence in producing successful all round men and is extremely determined to maintain this. It is clear that by being a student at Welton Preparatory, you are expected to conduct your life guided by the school’s motto.

The Dead Poets Society can also be seen as conformity. As the film progresses we gradually see the boys rebelling against the school’s pressure to conform replacing it with their own pressure to conform to a newly created society. Initially in the opening scenes the worst the boys would do is meet together in Neil’s room to smoke cigarettes. With the arrival of Mr. Keating the boys are encouraged to “Seize the day” and “Suck the marrow out of life.” With these new mottos in mind, we see the boys embark on a trail of rebellion. Being part of the “Dead Poets’ Society,” involves secret meetings. We see the boys dressed in dark hooded clothing sneaking to the secret spot where the meetings are held, in a cave nearby. At first the meetings involve, poetry being read, general chats...

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Uploaded by:   famousdoll

Date:   11/23/2005

Category:   Film

Length:   3 pages (690 words)

Views:   15428

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Comfority in Dead Poets Society

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