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Cloning in General-Con

Uploaded by cooolway on Nov 10, 2004

The Cloning Essay

When you hear the word cloning, you know that it’s going to start a debate. This is because people are greatly divided on whether it’s good or bad. A way to reach a conclusion is to look at cloning from ethical, risk, and religious perspectives. The reality is, cloning is unethical, very risky, and irreligious. The arguments I will make will hopefully convince you that cloning is not good for the future.

Cloning is very unethical. It would be violating the human rights in many ways. It would be violating of the freedom of beliefs and thoughts Cloning also reduces human dignity. Humans can be sold as manufactured products. If we allow that, we would be violating others human rights. One of them is that no one should be held in slavery or servitude. Cloning also threatens individuality and uniqueness. Life would be very dull considering the fact that everyone would have the same personality. If we follow this to the future, one wouldn’t want to live in that kind of world. The process of cloning involves killing a great number of embryos; which one also find unethical.

Furthermore, cloning would be playing God. God has already devised a good and proper plan to make babies. Why mess with it? If god doesn’t want you to have babies, then you shouldn’t have babies, it’s as simple as that. At least to the majority of the believers in God. An argument could be put forth that curing someone is interfering with God’s plan. My reply to that would be that it is not because curing someone is far more different that creating a new life and tampering with the way god created life. We should try to stick with God’s rules and his natural order instead of trying to make God’s rules. If we do interfere with this, we’ll interfere with natural evolution. If we interfere with natural evolution than who knows what other problems might occur? Cloning is a big step for the future, and everyone who defends cloning is too caught up with this new process of making new life, and not thinking about the consequences. Some of you don’t know that killer bees were created by scientists. These scientists were too caught up with the bees, trying to make them better. But the bees escaped and turned out to be...

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Uploaded by:   cooolway

Date:   11/10/2004

Category:   Cloning

Length:   3 pages (635 words)

Views:   2974

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Cloning in General-Con

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