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Choose the subtitle game Guild Wars 2 gold

Uploaded by 2guildwars2 on Sep 05, 2012

There was another piece of speculation that it is possible to be able to at least partially be true about the not yet formally announced the game Guild Wars 3. The first information about the development of the game there was one and a half years ago, and given the fact that Guild Wars 2 was not the most favorable reviews from fans of the series, this time the developers have decided to listen to the opinions of players and launched a private poll for some selected fans of the game.

From the survey, and there was a portion of the above-mentioned rumors that the player will get into the skin of a new character in the service of the Inquisition. Zashlet destiny hero in one of the largest countries on the continent called Thedas Orlezianskaya Empire or Genua (Orlais). In Orlais raging civil war provoked by the Magi, who, in turn, are tired of the tyranny of the Temple, in the core of the conflict and have to figure out the main character. The events in Guild Wars 3 will be developed in the ten years prior to the second part, the gaming division classes will remain the same - thief, warrior and mage.
During the passage of the main character in the game will get a ten assistants (concept art with some of them you can see in the screenshot above), but as with earlier forays into the light with a can take only three. In addition to the passage of the main storyline the main character, and that is, we have to also participate and political intrigues within the country spies to gather information and even the opportunity to take part in local conflicts. In the enemy camp also will come from some of the leading portals to other dimensions will bring down the crowd of demons, so there will always be a fight with anyone. Moreover, the main character finds that soweth discord in Orlais a mysterious magical evil that it seems and will meet.

The same survey participants were asked to choose the subtitle game Guild Wars 3, of such words as "The Breach", "Exarch", "Inquisitor", "Inquisition" or "Apocrypha". The same is likely that in Guild Wars 3 will be sharing the passing game. So in the end it is worth recalling that the above is only an unconfirmed rumor that eventually perhaps become true.

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Uploaded by:   2guildwars2

Date:   09/05/2012

Category:   Poems

Length:   2 pages (397 words)

Views:   1852

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Choose the subtitle game Guild Wars 2 gold

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