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Capitol Punishment Essay

Uploaded by AccendiLaCandela on Jun 09, 2001

An often-heated debate is that of capitol punishment. This is tricky subject though since so many people have troubles deciding for themselves where to draw the line with their morals. Some people say that killing in any form is absolutely wrong. Some people agree that killing is wrong, however, if one person kills another it is what they deserve. Both views are quite respectable.

The Old Testament does in fact say “an eye for an eye.” Thus, the punishment should fit the crime. If a person sees fit to take another person’s life away from them, theirs should also be revoked. People that act and kill like animals should be treaded the same way, and put to sleep like dogs that are vicious. The death penalty does not apply to people. People have hearts and souls and emotion. This penalty only applies to heartless, savage animals. A quote from a famous song is “a boy who kills has no heart, a boy who kills can not love…” Thus, anyone who has neither heart nor the capability of love should be put to death because they are no use to society. Also, this is only a punishment for those who have murdered. These convicts, though the do not deserve it, are killed in the most humane way possible. They are killed by lethal injection. In the past ten years nearly five hundred men have been executed in the United States. All these were punishment for murder. The American policy on executions is far more civilized that some other countries, in which death is the punishment for drunk driving or use of illegal drugs. Firing squads, gas chambers, and hangings are pretty much never used any more, however electrocution is still used solely in two states. Those two states do not even give the option of lethal injection.

Families often call for the death penalty because their sibling/child had no right to die. Since this person took their life, the family should have the right to lawfully take the murder’s life. However, life in prison is not enough, because they have an opportunity to leave on parole, and the thought of these murderous monsters being released into society again horrifies these families, thus they call for execution.

On the other side of the spectrum, killing is immoral and wrong in every way shape or form. How does your point get across not to kill if...

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Uploaded by:   AccendiLaCandela

Date:   06/09/2001

Category:   Capital Punishment

Length:   5 pages (1,106 words)

Views:   3146

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Capitol Punishment Essay

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