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Capital Punishment

Uploaded by grymes on Aug 27, 2006

In Death penalty has no place in U.S., Cynthia Tucker has concluded that she is against the death

penalty. The issues that she has raised are the questions; does America need the death penalty? Is

Capital Punishment an effective penalty? Yes. The death penalty protects society and keeps order in

Justice. Capital Punishment does not stop people from killing one another. However, the only thing it

mainly does is stop a known killer from killing innocent people. I believe that it is the correct

punishment for those who commit crimes bad enough to deserve death. The United States uses the
death penalty as a punishment for the more sever criminals like murderers and rapists, most of their
convicts are guilty. Few on a rare occasion, one innocent person is put to death by capital punishment
United States say this only happens on a rare occasion, that rare occasion should never happen. In some
cases in the United States and in Canada the wrong people are accused of crimes that they did not
commit. Since the 1900’s, in the United Sates, there have been at least four cases where an innocent
person is executed.(Fletcher,M.) Four innocent people executed each year for a mistake made by the
use of Capital punishment. The cases of innocent people put to death cannot compare to the criminals who deserve it. John Wayne King deserves the death penalty. For John Wayne King there is no excuse for this kind of behavior in the killing of James Byrd Jr., The act was evil. Some people believe that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. However, we need to have the death penalty in force for those criminals who do commit such crimes. Life in prison does not stop these crimes from being committed. The death penalty does. With the criminals in jail for life, there is a possibility that they could break out and kill again. The criminals could be up for parole. We are keeping criminals fed and clothed with the know fact that they are killers. Many criminals ask for the death penalty.” Confessed killer Aileen Wuornos, the subject of the 2003 movie Monster, said she wanted to "get right with God" before her 2002 Florida execution”. (Willing,R. ). ...

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Uploaded by:   grymes

Date:   08/27/2006

Category:   Law

Length:   2 pages (476 words)

Views:   4190

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Capital Punishment

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