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Uploaded by özge on Jan 06, 2007


We,human being,in fact have a savage humanity.We never think about other people¡¦s comforts,worries,desires¡KWe only think about ourselves comforts,worries,desires¡KWe never concern about everybody,only ourselves.

Cannibals are like this.Maybe the most savagery¡KThey have a desire which is very very brutal..They enjoy eating flesh.They are very unhumanistic. Maybe they could have a reason for this.But whatever reason is this reason,it isn ¡¥t a good reason for this.In Africa,we may found them right.Their enviroment forced to do this.But how can we explain a reason for the cannibal in Germany?

The cannibal in Germany,is named Armin Meiwes.He was an old computer technician.Everything seems ¡¥ok¡¦ up to now.But he had different,savagery fantasies.He has always wanted killing people and eating their flesh.Unfortunately,he had complete his desire.He ate his friend¡¦s flesh without any pain ..While he was doing,he said he had enjoyed.How can a person like this?

Neither physcological problems nor desire..Nothing can explain this brutal behaviour,this brutal smile...KWe have only a word to explain this;savagery..

We can understand from all this things that really:"One man's meat is another man is poison."But for us,not for cannibals:)

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Uploaded by:   özge

Date:   01/06/2007

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   1 pages (182 words)

Views:   2215

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