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Brief Animal Farm Review

Uploaded by thefifthangel on Sep 24, 2006

Animal Farm, was written by George Orwell to make people aware of the truth about Communism and dictatorships. Apparently, George Orwell “sweated” over writing the book, and it is said he did not find it easy. However, George Orwell felt that he had a responsibility to write “Animal Farm” as an alarm call to Britain and the world.

Animal Farm consists of 10 chapters.

The first chapter sets the scene and introduces the main characters to us. In this chapter, we see the insightful vision of Major and the way the old boar foreshadows everything that will happen in the book—except for one very crucial thing that will be evidently shown to readers in later chapters.

In the second chapter, the action begins and we find that the animals take action and overthrow the humans almost as soon as Major dies. George Orwell does very well in describing vividly the main early events of the Rebellion. The actual happening of the Rebellion tells us that the animals were spurred on by ‘Animalism’, and thus felt aggrieved and compelled to rise up against the humans when they were mistreated.

The third chapter tells us that the beginning stages of the Rebellion were complete and the animals were more or less successful in managing their own affairs. They also had trouble, though, with Mollie and the cat. In this chapter, the pigs begin showing their true colours by reserving all the apples and milk for themselves, which even Mr Jones did not do. The behaviours of Mollie, the cat and Benjamin actually tell us that they were not that enthusiastic about the Rebellion, so much that they did not show any change of attitude towards working harder than usual. At the end of this chapter, Napoleon the pig actually takes away Jessie and Bluebell’s young puppies and rears them to grow into his personal guard, under the alibi that he was educating them.

The main event of chapter 4 is the Battle of the Cowshed. Just as after the Russian revolution, other countries attacked the new state because they were fearful of revolutionary feelings spreading to their own people, so the neighboring farmers, Frederick and Pilkington, along with Mr. Jones, attack Animal Farm. However, led by the tactically astute Snowball, the invaders are driven off skillfully by the animals and the chapter ends with the animals celebrating their crushing victory over the humans.

Chapter 5 signifies a change...

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Uploaded by:   thefifthangel

Date:   09/24/2006

Category:   Animal Farm

Length:   4 pages (917 words)

Views:   3303

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Brief Animal Farm Review

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