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Bothered by the Stupidity of Others (please rate/comment) (12/9/05)

Uploaded by madrugada on Dec 10, 2005

[This must be one of those best or worst titles for an essay. It must be one of the situations in which "you either hate it or love it", a statement many critics use to implicitly claim that either all or most people are incapable of being open - minded.
Maybe this essay comes from a dearth, deprivation of open - minded - ness from a depraved person.
Maybe anger was the result of causes that remain inconspicuous, and I foolishly blame others who are different in personality, expression, etc.]

In reality, I have passed through writings on this website and I see so many are a complete waste of time. I will not get into anything "deep", "philosophical", etc. on what is a waste of time and what is not. What I am seeing is (are) essays written by sixth graders and those who are accidently immitating them. I do not care about vocabulary or grammar. I do not care about double negatives, the use of contractions, or sentences ending in prepositions. What I am reading and the subject of my concern is boring, dull, stupid, "soul - less", "mind-less" writings. I am far from perfection as a writer, person, etc. But I am a mature writer.

There are those moments of kindness, sympathy, and political correctness in which we try to understand what we disapprove of and why we dissaprove of it. If the situation is deemed bad enough (by a ponytail counselor who gives self -esteem speeches to adolescent soccer players and gurus unattractive blond bimbos) then we can use our understanding to develop a method to correct the problem.

In reality, I really want to tell these people to "grow up", which, in a confusion of pyschobabble, we refuse to admit actually works.

In summary, readers should follow the rate / comment system, so that other readers will not have to deal with (or suffer from) the stupidity of others.

note:(a small selection of what the stupidity of others has resulted in :
- car crashes
- bad grades
- poor role models
- poor people
- warnings on soda bottles
- the drinking age, the marijuana ban
- Dr. Phil's success
- a society of the blind leading the blind
- leaving smart students "behind"
- country music's success
- election of George Bush
- death

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Uploaded by:   madrugada

Date:   12/10/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (372 words)

Views:   1646

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Bothered by the Stupidity of Others (please rate/comment) (12/9/05)

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