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Bliss: Conquered By Few

Uploaded by larmercs on Jan 28, 2001

Happiness: "is a feeling of great contentment or pleasure."

"Wow, look at that BMW! Would I ever be happy if I had one of those!" "I wish money grew on trees!" "I'm so happy; I just won a free trip to Florida!" Do these statements sound familiar? Because of the major economical changes in today's society, people as a whole understand and accept the feeling of happiness as a reward after accomplishing a success. Society's way of thinking leans heavily toward the understanding of happiness being achieved only when a material reward is prominent. This is considered the norm. People in today's western societies live in a 'material world' because of the complicated life human beings have created. The growth of material thoughts over time has caused the collective conscience to believe that material objects bring a sense of happiness. This may be true, but happiness is only the outer surface of true contentment known as BLISS (a state of complete happiness).

The concept that bliss and happiness are related directly but are not equal in meaning is understood by few people. Pamela Michael's The Gift Of Rivers and Dan Millman's mini-series, Way Of The Peaceful Warrior followed by Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior are three books proving that the doors to complete happiness only open when a person fully understands and accepts the unexplained realities of life's many unanswered questions. Total control over one's inner self leads to the concept of eternal bliss. Understanding the significance of life, the control of the mind, the unity of all things, and the realization of time will release the mind of many puzzling questions that are in a realistic sense, pointless. Complete happiness will not be achieved unless the mind is able to fathom the completeness of life even though many unanswered questions lie in that plane. To prevail against the mind you have to step forth, above and beyond the plane of thinking created by society and into a different realm of thought.

If somebody took your brain, would you still have your mind? It is obvious that without a brain, all that was known would be lost. The mind is controlled entirely by the existence of the brain. "The brain is real, the mind isn't" (Millman, 1984, p.62). The mind is created by the absorption of new information and data. However, the mind isn't created until the brain takes the newly...

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Uploaded by:   larmercs

Date:   01/28/2001

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   8 pages (1,895 words)

Views:   1773

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Bliss: Conquered By Few

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